PCM World Conference 2020

No, you must choose one or the other.

If you attend the PCM Master Class you will not be able to also attend Education Deep Dive with MUSE. Please note that the PCM Master Class is for all PCM Trainers and Coaches, it is not limited to PCM Master Trainers. Course will be taught by a Certifying PCM Master Trainer. Course will last from 9am-5pm. Master Class cost $400, Class will go in depth into myths, drivers, and failure patterns. It will be a great opportunity to dive deeper into your PCM knowledge.

PCM Education Deep Dive with MUSE is for those interested specifically in how MUSE integrates PCM into all aspects of Education. Deep Dive will be offered in a morning or afternoon session. During the conference MUSE will make presentations as well. The cost is $125.

No, they cannot. Our PCM World Conference is only for Certified PCM Professionals.

Yes, spouses or partners may attend these dinners. They will need to check in at our registration desk at the beginning of the conference. You will need to pay for their meals.